16 Vegetable Perfumes We’re Currently Obsessed With

If the idea of a vegetable-based fragrance sounds a bit daunting, don’t worry. For the most part, these perfumes aren’t dominated by strong, savoury notes as you might expect. For perfumers, they offer a more interesting alternative to traditionally used floral and fruit notes—allowing new ways for notes to be paired and blended.

“Natural notes in perfumery have of course traditionally been focused on flowers, woods, spices, resins and fruits, but vegetable notes offer interesting depth and can be used in imaginative ways within modern compositions,” says Beckielou Brown, perfume creator and founder of Altra, who explains that used skilfully, vegetable notes can open a new dimension in a fragrance.”I imagine as this trend progresses it will be about finding novel ways to incorporate them, either to highlight a particular facet already present in the scent, or to contrast them in order to offer a modern clash to classic compositions,” she adds.

Typically, vegetable notes are greener than florals, lighter than woody notes, and not as sweet or synthetic as fruity notes can be. Some of the most popular vegetable notes—carrot, tomato, cucumber, and green pepper—add a fresh, green, or woody element to scents, while the likes of artichoke, rhubarb, and pumpkin add softness or sweetness.

Below, find 16 vegetable fragrances that I promise you’ll want to add to your perfume collection.

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