Andrea Maack Discovery Set Review

**Dual** \- light and citrusy, reminiscent of Wulong Cha or The Yulong despite there being no tea notes. It dries down a bit sweeter, like a candied lemon. I don’t get the cedar, neither do I get any amber, but maybe it shows itself after a couple hours. Very unisex, I could see myself or my husband wearing this. Actually, no, I could see myself AND him wearing this. Lovely!

*Top Notes: Ginger, Lemon*

*Heart Notes: Cedarwood*

*Base Notes: Dry Amber, Pink Pepper*

**Soft Tension** \- it’s musky, but it’s a light musk with the freesia definitely pulling through. Reminds me of sticking my nose in a sweater that sat in the dryer for a couple days before you pulled it out. Not mildewy, but with slight remnants of dampness mixed with fresh linens. Maybe that’s the mate + moss. This goes a tiny bit sour on my skin, and disappears quickly on paper. After some time I get the slightest scent of rubber which I’ve experienced with some other skins scents, namely Lake & Skye’s 11 11. Their only common note is “musk” which isn’t very helpful. Any thoughts?

*Top Notes: Freesia, Moss*

*Heart Notes: Mate Absolute*

*Base Notes: Musk, Cedarwood*

**Lightsource** \- oh wow! Sharper and more pungent than I expected! This is so cold, fresh, and herbal. I get a light licorice upon first spray, plus bright peppery citrus and sharp, green rose. So smooth and well blended. This is the definition of ‘fresh spicy’ if there ever was one. I think I like it? It leans more masculine than I was expecting and I think that’s throwing me off a bit. It’s also making me nostalgic and reminiscent of childhood but I can’t nail down what it is. Definitely want to spend some more time with this one.

*Top Notes: Lemon, Green Fig*

*Middle Notes: Petitgrain, Star Jasmine, Crystal Rose*

*Base notes: Pink Pepper, Black Pepper*

**Coven** \- dry grass, dulled bitter spices, damp green earth, and aromatic dirt. But in a nice perfumey way. I don’t know if it’s my vibe but it’s certainly well done. I may have to get used to changing up my vibes though, because my husband said “mmm, nice” with a twinkle in his eye. Lol.

*Top notes: Vanilla, Labdanum, Whiskey*

*Heart notes: Cedar Wood, Oak Moss*

*Base notes: Galbanum, Clove*

**Craft** \- aldehydes and sleek metal splashing around in ice cold water. It’s like a futuristic, sci-fi version of No 5. Cool concept, but my heart lies with Chanel’s aldehydes.

*Top notes: Aldehydes, Ice*

*Heart notes: Cold metal, Cedar Wood*

*Base notes: Elemi, Patchouli*

**Smart** \- a very subtle and sweet musky, powdery, intro-to-leather clean scent. Reminds me of the thick pleathery-platstic material with snap buttons that comforters are packaged in, plus the powdery vanilla of a new Cabbage Patch doll.

*Top notes: Vanilla, Violet leaf*

*Heart notes: Sandalwood, Jasmine*

*Base notes: White Musk, Buckskin*

**Entrance** \- this is the first of the discovery set that really says “perfume” to me and seems to go through the classic stages of a bright citrus top note, blooms into a creamy, resiny, amber note, and dries down to a woody leather. It’s nice, but given the uniqueness of all the others it feels forgettable. I’ll have to give it the opportunity of a full day’s wear and see if that changes.

*Top notes: Bergamot, Pink Berries, Nutmeg*

*Heart notes: Patchouli, Coriander, Geranium*

*Base notes: Amber, Vanilla, Vetiver, Cedarwood*

**Ceramic** \- green apple! Lily of the valley! Freesia! But not watery and green which can sometimes turn my stomach with lighter white florals. Gives me a bit of an air freshener and dryer sheet vibe. Dries down somewhat powdery and minerally. I like the smell, but I’m not sure I’d wear it as a perfume.

*Top notes: Foliage, Apple, Freesia*

*Heart notes: White and Purple Flowers, Lily of the Valley*

*Base notes: Musk, Woody Amber*

Soft Tension, Craft, and Entrance all have a similar soft, musky skin scent dry down but with a rubbery plastic nuance on me.

The price of a discovery set can be used toward a full bottle so I think I’m going to get myself a 50 ml of Dual! Or Lightsource. Or both…

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