Bake vs Lira vs Devotion little reviews

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Bake vs Lira vs Devotion little reviews


This isn’t super in-depth, but I think you can get the vibe from this.

Akro – Bake : opening alternated between lemon candy and actual lemon bars – then settles on lemon bar. Gourmand of course, not overly sweet, no weird musks or other notes that I can smell, just sweet lemon bar. It’s like a more photorealistic, less synthetic version of Iced Lemon Poundcake by B&BW (which has an almond note to me that Bake does not). 8/10

Xerjoff – Lira : okay this did not live up to the hype at all. It opens up with a (maybe cottonelle? it honestly smells like a specific brand) wet wipe scent, then turn into something I can only describe as this: You’re making a very light lemon meringue, but you take a pack of wet wipes and squeeze out the liquid keeping them moist and scented. All of that liquid goes into the bowl with the lemon meringue you’re making. It stays like that for me. Also very disappointed because the notes include blood orange, which I get none of. I do get a slight caramel however mixed in with the lemon cream wet wipes. 4.5/10

Dolce & Gabbana – Devotion : opens up as a neroli BLAST that I did not expect, no lemon whatsoever. After a few minutes it turns more sweet, but still very much neroli. Like sugared neroli as it’s sweet, but still very herbal. It’s like if Aquolina’s Pink Sugar replaced half of the notes with neroli. I’m getting 0 lemon from this, just sweet neroli with a little vanilla. Absolutely nothing like the other fragrances mentioned in this post. 4/10

I don’t hate any of these, but I can’t stand Neroli so Devotion is not for me. Lira is not what I expected, because it smells more fresh and like a generic wipe’s “clean cotton” scent mixed with a very light lemon meringue. I might like it more if I didn’t have the wipe association (I find that Solinotes Cotton scent also has this wipe scent association that I tend to avoid despite liking it more than Lira).

And Bake… you slayed. This is a real gourmand, not an in-between fresh or floral or anything else. This is for lemon candy, lemon dessert, lemon square enjoyers. I think mixed with Rosie Jane’s Dulce this could be even more delicious.

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