Beauty fans race to nab Ariana Grande’s Cloud perfume which they claim is a dupe of £235 designer scent but 90% cheaper

SHOPPERS are raving about an Ariana Grande perfume that is a perfect dupe for a £235 designer bottle.

The pop sensation’s Cloud perfume has hints of lavender and coconut and is on sale from The Perfume Shop for just £28, over £200 cheaper than the designer bottle.

Ariana Grande's perfume is said to smell dreamy with hints of lavender and coconut


Ariana Grande’s perfume is said to smell dreamy with hints of lavender and coconutCredit: Ariana Grande
Matt Randon said Ariana's perfume is a perfect dupe of a designer £235 bottle


Matt Randon said Ariana’s perfume is a perfect dupe of a designer £235 bottleCredit: TikTok /@mattrandon

A description for the perfume reads: “Ariana Grande Cloud is a joyful, contemporary creation inspired by optimism and hope.

“The uplifting and addictive scent imbues a thoughtful, artistic expression of positivity and happiness from Ariana to her fans.”

One TikToker has discovered that the perfume is a perfect dupe for Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Baccarat Rouge perfume, which is on sale for £235 at John Lewis.

Matt Random, shared his discovery on his TikTok channel @mattrandon, where he often shares perfume dupes for bargain hunters.

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“If you like this”, he said pointing to the Maison Francis Kurkdijan bottle, “use this instead”.

Ariana’s perfume has proved a hit with shoppers, who are raving about its gorgeous scent.

One person, who left a review on The Perfume Shop website said: “The Ariana Grande Cloud perfume is truly so gorgeous, exactly what you would envision a creamy cloud to smell like!”

Another reviewer said: “Amazing scent and everyone compliments me when I wear it.”

A third reviewer added: “My friend wore this the other day and the aroma was lovely. I had to get a bottle and try it for myself!”

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