Best Cologne for Self Defense?

Hey guys, thug here.

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Best Cologne for Self Defense?


Hey guys, thug here.

I live in a pretty bad neighborhood and have been looking into ways to defend myself. My lawyer says I shouldn’t carry anymore firearms or blades after…. my other incident so i’ve been using cologne to defend myself.

I usually use Spicebomb Extreme in order to scare my attackers away by making them think I have an actual grenade. If I do have to throw it, the strong scent can usually blind my enemies, much like pepper spray, which is also nice.

However, at $100+ a bottle, it’s not the most cost effective option for self defense, especially when I have either threaten to throw it or actually throw it about twice a day.

My question is what is the best, most cost effective cologne that I can buy for self defense? I would prefer to use it just like pepper spray, but if you can become creative with the ways I can pummel my rivals into the ground and make them wish they were never born I am open to suggestions. Also if you can provide a recommendation for my side chick Petunia that would be helpful as well

Thank you

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