Best Ultra Male Clone: Afnan 9pm vs Ramz Silver

I have seen many YouTube reviewers have different opinions on which is the better JPG Ultra Male clone. Some say 9pm, others say Ramz Silver. There also seems to be an inconsistent opinion as to the performance of each, as well as how identical it is to JPG Ultra Male. 1 prominent YouTuber says Ramz Silver is more complex and better performing while 9pm is flat and only has Ultra Male’s sweetness. Another said 9pm is 98% the same while better performing and higher quality than Ramz Silver. GentScents on the other hand seems to prefer Ramz Silver, but then we all see how he only show cases fragrances from companies that pay him commissions. Hence, the clone video spree lasting months.

So which is better performing? Which is the closest to the original (Ultra Male)?

All thoughts, comments, and metaphysical speculations about the topic are welcome!

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