Best Way to Store Cologne?

Hey everyone! I’m new when it comes to cologne and I just started a collection of 5. Given that I invested a lot, I want to ensure that my colognes remain useable for several years. I understand that humidity, (even indirect) sunlight and heat can hasten the decline of the cologne. I’ve heard a lot of people put them in closets, in their drawers or even a shoebox.

I decided to go with a different route. My tallest cologne bottle measures just over 6 inches (Hugo Boss #6). As such, I needed something tall as my old wooden boxes were too short. I found this on Amazon: [\_yo2ov\_dt\_b\_product\_details](

The wooden box is 7 inches tall, cheap hinges, decent buckle and thin cheap wood, but it does the job. Even if the hinges break, I can still utilize it.

I keep this in my room which is almost always dark and cold. Would this be sufficient? Any advice regarding this (or cologne in general) would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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