Blind buy wins/losses?

As a fairly new person to fragrances, I obviously blind bought a ton of bottles based on notes and to my surprise despite the stigma, I’ve enjoyed quite a few of them.
I wondered what’s the record community-wise as blind buying seems to be fairly frowned upon?

My personal wins have probably been guerlain l’homme ideal platine prive, eros flame, bdc edp, penhaligon’s savoy steam and lv imagination
And losses are l’eau d’issey pour homme, La nuit de l’homme bleu electrique, acqua di gio profumo.
L’eau d’issey was way too flowery and kept making me sneeze, bleu electrique was .. boring? On my skin it’s just cardamom. Profumo’s incense was too strong on my skin as well.
Luckily all the losses were probably the cheapest ones of the lot so I wasn’t too scarred yet.
How about you?

EDIT: To losses column, the only two clones I have have been fairly mid to bad. Dua essence of water (acqua di gio essenza clone allegedly) fairly horrid and alexandria’s black panther is just amber on my skin

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