Can we talk about Mefisto by Xerjoff? It’s the most amazing scent to me!

I’m not in this business/ hobby for long and my nose is young and not educated but this is the freshest scent I’ve ever smelled! It’s so different! It’s like wearing garden on your hand. I don’t like gourmands, (I think) but this – is like a well mixed drink. I’ve got a 2ml sample shot from the counter lady and I’m smelling myself all day long for the second day and can’t get enough. I will probably buy the big size. Funny thing is, I’ve just ordered a bottle of Tiffany’s (Gold), coming on Monday, such a classy smell of an elegant woman – but now I have citrus cucumber basil smell on my hand and I love it! The way they executed this. You never know what you’re gonna like.., that’s why I love exploring perfumes. Wondering what you guys think of Mefisto and Xerjoff house. Naxos is too smokey for me, but I definitely wanna try the other Xerjoffs.

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