FragranceNet Stock

I was wondering how often FragranceNet keeps things in stock? I’m able to order three fragrances in March but I’m worried they’ll be gone. Never bought from them but I kind of dig the grey market rn since a lot I want is discontinued View Reddit by MercDante – View Source

What Perfume Have You NEVER Gotten Tired Of?

Is there a perfume you’ve NEVER gotten tired of? Just curious, because I typically will tire of a perfume after a year of use, but there is one perfume that I don’t think I could ever get bored of or stop wearing. Myth by Ellis Brooklyn. It’s been a constant in my collection for 3 […]

How do I smell good all day?

I’m 22, and ever since I’ve been a teenager I have been insecure about how quickly I smell of sweat. That has mostly subsided but I can’t seem to smell good all day long. I recently saw this tiktok ( ) on how to smell good all day which has been helpful. However I […]

Perfume similar to ViCrea’s &honey Deep Moist Shampoo Sakura?

The floral scent in the shampoo is light which I love. I feel like the scent doesn’t last for the entire day so I’d like a perfume with a similar or if possible the exact same scent. ViCrea’s products are quite pricey but the scent is too hard to give up. The perfume could be […]

I have smelled Babycat

They have it a store where I live and I smelled it and it is the most ridiculously overhyped thing ever. I blind bought a perfume that is supposed to be a dupe of it (Ish Al Shuyukh Gold) and it is SO MUCH BETTER than Babycat. When it was first sprayed I had to […]

What’s this perfume called?

I cannot remember name or brand of this perfume but I have been looking for it for years now. It comes in a “grey” frosted bottle in the shape of a woman’s head with thin black curly hair and red lipstick (all drawn on the bottle). I think it’s from the 1990s or early 2000s. […]

Looking for a good cologne for my husband

Hey guys! Title says it all! He used to wear cologne sometimes. He had one in a little red bottle, I can’t remember exactly what it was. He tends to go for things with that like pine and cedar scent but obviously something subtle too would be nice. Or anything that has just a nice […]

Designer cologne ?

Where to get Designer Cologne for cheap ???? Much appreciated View Reddit by glusher2351 – View Source

Nostalgic bratz perfume rec?

Hoping for some recommendations for a dupe for bratz yasmin perfume. I have been feeling very nostalgic and my friend still had some and we wore it to a wedding. While it is sweet it is also musky. Brand is marmol and son Top notes: pink berries, mandarin orange Heart notes: cotton candy, cocoa flower […]

what are some good dupes for le labo’s santal 33?

i used up my santal 33 sample and i love it but the retail price is so high and im a highschool student. if anyone knows any dupes that are affordable and smell rlly similar to the le labo one plzzzz tell me View Reddit by ghoulettta – View Source