Classic fragrances that are loved by older crowds and hated by the young?

I had a moment today where I realised the way you interpret some fragrances completely changes depending on when you were born and what you associate certain scents with.
Being gen Z I have only really started getting into fragrance, and someone around my age offered me a tester for Rive gauche by YSL and said ‘wtf is this’. I was immediately smelling fly spray, mosquito spray, cockroach bait etc. and it was honestly the worst opinion I’ve had on any fragrance. Though I could appreciate how the reviews were amazing and reminiscing on smelling their mothers perfume or labelling it a beautiful classic, I assumed that being surrounded by more 2000’s fragrances shaped my nose. My mum also mentioned that when CK One was outliving its popularity it was because that ‘clean’ scent was being remade and remade to death and just started to remind some people of detergent or surface cleaner. I was wondering if there’s any other good examples of fragrances from a few decades ago that either had a note which was done to death and changed its meaning, or just completely misunderstood in the eyes of someone who never lived that time?

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