Do I have a “type”, and if so, what is it?

I thought I knew what my fragrance “type” was until I received recommended fragrances from different places based on my “fragrance notes” that I confidently selected. Turns out I have no clue what I’m talking about or what any of the describing words mean because I HATED the recommendations sent to me.

So, I know there has to be someone in here knows all about fragrance and identifying what it is that I gravitate towards, so that I can *hopefully* choose the right selections for fragrance notes in the future that I actually enjoy:”)

I love becoming obsessed with new scents and basically showering in them, and I have been trying for months to find a new one to add to my current rotation. Pls comment rec’s <3

In no particular order, this is my current rotation:

* by / rosie jane
* Juliette has a gun (not a perfume & lust for sun)
* Pure Grace by Philosophy
* Clean Reserve – Acqua Neroli
* TOCCA – Florence


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