Fragrance fans race to B&M for dupes of designer scents worth over £600 – including a Miss Dior copy for just £3.99

WITH Christmas only a few weeks away, many of us will be hoping to find our favourite designer scents under the tree.

Even if your loved ones don’t get it right though, you can still end the year smelling of roses thanks to these incredible perfume dupes – worth over £600!

You can save on your favourite designer scents this year


You can save on your favourite designer scents this yearCredit: Boots
Beauty lovers are racing to B&M to get their hands on these dupes


Beauty lovers are racing to B&M to get their hands on these dupesCredit: B&M

Though Aldi has become the go to destination for beauty dupes, you’ll be relieved to hear that you won’t have to scour the middle aisle for these sensational scents.

According to Tiktok channel @dontmesswiththedupes, who compiled this list, it’s B&M that has the best selection of perfume dupes this year.

In fact, there are seven scents that the page recommends, with a mix of women’s and men’s fragrances currently on offer.

Unlike the high end versions though, you won’t be turning your nose up at the price as these cost less than £4 each – making them the perfect stocking filler.

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First on the influencer’s Christmas wish list, Oriana – which is said to be virtually identical to Paco Rabanne’s Olympea.

Not only do they have incredibly similar bottles, these delicate scents have notes of vanilla, jasmine and a crispy sea salt.

Whilst the designer perfume will cost you an eye watering £78 on the high street, this discount store version is available for just £3.99.

It isn’t the only dupe that the Tiktoker recommend though.

Also in their shopping cart was a dupe for Dior’s classic scent: Miss Dior.

With its floral mix of patchouli, orange and mandarin, this perfume has been a beauty staple for decades after its launch back in 1947.

Sadly, you’ll need to earn a Natalie Portman’s salary to afford this celebrity endorsed scent as it retails for over £113.

Meanwhile, B&M’s Miss Adore costs just £3.99 and the bottle even features the iconic bow cap.

Be prepared to be transported with the next perfume dupe, Exotic Affair, which is said to be a match for Mulger’s out of this world scent: Alien (£73.60).

Despite both perfumes having notes of jasmine, cashmere and amber, you’ll actually be able to have a holiday fund after buying the B&M dupe-  as it costs only £3.99.

The last feminine fragrance on the influencer’s wish list was Miss Opulent, which is a dupe for the luxurious Paco Rabanne perfume, Lady Million.

With their opulent scents of raspberry, neroli and patchouli, you’d think you’d have to splash the cash – especially as the high end perfume costs a staggering £98.

However, the discount store’s dupe is also only £3.99, leaving with you an extra £94 in the bank this Xmas.

Before the boys feel left out, there were also masculine scents on offer – including a dupe of Dior’s Savage (£79).

Whilst it Visage might not have Johnny Depp on the bottle, the £3.99 price tag will more than make up for the missing movie star.

Giving another designer perfume a run for it’s money, B&M’s Chase Blue has a similar bottle and grapefruit scent as Blue De Chanel (£81) but costs less than £4.

With the final dupe, your man can feel and perhaps save towards a million pounds – with the discount store’s Gold Fortune perfume (£3.99).

An almost extract replica of Paco Rabanne’s 1 million, this leather scent will make your loved one feel luxurious without the £81 price tag.

With the potential to save up to £612 this year, there is no reason to kick up a stink.

Fragrance fans could save themselves over £600 at the discount store


Fragrance fans could save themselves over £600 at the discount storeCredit: Boots
Even the men's scent were shockingly similar to the high end version


Even the men’s scent were shockingly similar to the high end versionCredit: B&M

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