Fragrance Performance Boosters… are they just Snake Oil?

Hey everyone

Recently came across a guy in a local Fragrance group im in advertising his own product which he claims is the first of its kind ”Pre application fragrance boosters”. it is essentially a cream that is applied to the skin before applying a fragrance


He had a few different categorys, e.g one for Gourmands, Aquatics, Freshies, and Winter & Date night scents.

as quoted from his post ”A hydrating, chemical free product that scientifically boosts the performance of your fragrance. Enhancing Longevity, Sillage and ultimately getting that compliment count up! users of PrimalX Fragrance boosters have reported their usually weak scents turning beastmode when applying before application”

I dunno, doesnt sound sophisticated at all to me… hes also selling it for $70 AUD for a 200ml pump bottle of the stuff

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