Help Me Choose / Daily Discussion (Post here to follow rules A & B) – Sunday October 29, 2023

Need help choosing what to try, where to start, or where to buy? Looking for something similar to a discontinued or hard to find fragrance? Need to identify a perfume but don’t remember the name?

Need shopping advice? Trying to decide between two fragrances? Want to compare batches and check if your bottle is authentic?

Tell us what you want the fragrance to smell like. You can list notes, styles, or the names of other fragrances that you like or don’t like. Without this information you are unlikely to get any recommendations. Some other things that help elicit responses are information about who will be wearing the perfume — age, gender, local climate, price range, etc. Any detail that you can add will help us help you.

If you aren’t getting suggestions, your request may be too vague. If you’ve tried your best and didn’t hear back after 24 hours, make a new post outside the daily thread.

If your question is about clones, layering, or some very unusual note, you can choose to skip the queue and post directly to the front page. But, if your question is about sex appeal, batch codes or counterfeits, keep it to the subreddit comment sections.

Thanks, upvotes, and especially reporting back on what was a hit or miss are the highest forms of gratitude you can convey.

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