Help Me Choose / Daily Discussion (Post here to follow rules A & B) – Thursday December 14, 2023

Looking for a signature scent, or a new scent for the season? Need suggestions of scents to try?

Shopping advice? Trying to decide between two fragrances? Searching for “the best” of anything?

Wondering what to wear to school, to work, on a date, or for a special occasion?

Trying to choose a fragrance to give as a gift?

This is the place to ask those questions.

Tell us what you want the fragrance to smell like. You can list notes, styles, or the names of other fragrances that you like or don’t like.

***Without this information you are unlikely to get any recommendations.***

Other information that may be helpful — your country/region, your budget, some description of the person who will be wearing the perfume.


***When can you ask these questions in your own post?***

* If you aren’t getting suggestions, your request may be too vague. If you’ve tried your best and didn’t hear back after 24 hours, make a new post outside the daily thread. Be sure to mention that you already posted in the daily thread and didn’t get a response.
* If your question is about clones, layering, or some very unusual note, you can choose to skip the queue and post directly to the front page.
* If your question is about sex appeal, batch variations, performance, or wearing perfume marketed to another gender, keep it off the main feed and in the comments section only.

💥 Need immediate answers? Legit check? Batch comparison? Best place to buy bottles and decants? Advice on how to wear a specific perfume? **Try asking your question on Discord!**


Coming back to discuss hits and misses is a great way to show appreciation when you get advice here. Consider posting a review or starting a discussion about the perfumes that you tried, and tell us what you ultimately chose.

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