Help me find a fragrance please!

Hi all! Always been a huge perfume lover but as I have gotten into my 30’s I have really grown an interest in the more intricate details of it all. The only stipulation is that I’m a migraine sufferer and recently realized a lot of my migraine triggers have to do with smell. Specifically gourmand and sweet smells. Because of this I have a really visceral reaction to sweet smells and will physically cringe when I inhale a whiff of something I perceive as too sweet. I ordered some samples off Poesie and was excited to try the temple at full moon smell and I was absolutely shocked how I reacted because it is so well regarded. I immediately cringed at the sweetness but even more surprising was I really loved OYSTER! I am into florals such a Ouai’s Melrose Place and Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino. I don’t like spicy but here are some other fragrances I enjoy:

– the matcha by le labo
– under the lemon tree by Maison margiela
– narcissus by nemat

Hope that helps!

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