How many fragrances did you smell before buying your first niche?

I got into fragrances a few months ago and have just been smelling everything I can and been dragging my gf with me and I recently found out about Nieman Marcus. They have a bunch of high end brands I haven’t been able to smell anywhere else so I’ve gone there probably 4-5 times over the last 2 months, just trying all the different houses to see what I like. One of the ladies recognized me and basically said in a condescending way, it’s not that hard of a decision and to just pick something. All of the bottles are like 300+$ which is a lot of money so in my mind i want to try stuff until I am completely sure I have found the one I like the most. My gf says that is not normal and most people just go with the first one that they like, which is pretty much what she did as she has no desire to try all the female stuff but is going to help me out. So I’m just curious what other people do.

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