I have smelled Babycat

They have it a store where I live and I smelled it and it is the most ridiculously overhyped thing ever. I blind bought a perfume that is supposed to be a dupe of it (Ish Al Shuyukh Gold) and it is SO MUCH BETTER than Babycat. When it was first sprayed I had to inhale the tester because it is so faint. Now, I’m getting a whisper of something that maybe tries to smell softly woodsy, softly spicy, if I’m being generous with what I might be smelling? but it’s just a soft basic vanilla. Any vanilla candle scent is stronger than this and probably more complex too. So funny. It would be better if it was not so soft, specially at that price. There is no way this doesn’t become a skin scent in a minute. YSL won at marketing, if they don’t magically get stocked everywhere now after they have hyped it up this much, then they are the dumbest company ever. Either they’re geniuses, or imbeciles, no other way around it.

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