I want to smell like a warm cuddle

I just recently got into perfumes. I went to Macy’s this weekend and picked up Tiffany & Co Love and Light Blue Intense by Dolce and Gabbana. Light blue is intoxicating but definitely more for summer so im letting that marinate in my drawer, and Love is just amazing. Its a fresh, citrusly floral scent, but at this moment im trying to smell like a cuddle on a late night and that does not help me.

My usual daily wear is Victoria Secret Bare Vanilla with Vanilla potion. I will say, I do smell like straight up vanilla, which i like but it does give me a headache sometimes.

Im looking for a fall/winter perfume that will last atleast 6 hours, that just project warmth and coziness and reminds people of straight up cuddling under a blanket, but also a bit sexy and I’d prefer not gourmand. I can do female, unisex, or male scents as I dress masculine as a female. But I’d prefer something that isn’t a strong cologne. Anything under 80$ is fair game.

Smells I hate – tobbaco, chocolate, overly floral
Smells I avoid but can change my mind – cinnamon, smoky, apple

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