‘It smells so expensive!’ Avon shoppers rave after finding amazing dupe of Chanel’s £136 designer perfume

DESIGNER perfumes are often at the top of our Christmas lists, with some signature scents going for hundreds of pounds per bottle.

Whilst you might turn your nose up at their price tag, we’ve found the perfect designer dupe and you don’t even have to leave your house to get it!

Chanel's iconic scent will cost over £130 for just 100ml


Chanel’s iconic scent will cost over £130 for just 100mlCredit: Chanel
The pricey perfume is at the top of many beauty lovers Christmas lists


The pricey perfume is at the top of many beauty lovers Christmas listsCredit: Chanel

If you’ve spent any time on Tiktok, you’ll be well aware that ALDI has become the go-to destination for makeup dupes.

From Rare Beauty to Baccarat Rouge, the German supermarket seems to have low cost alternatives to almost every beauty must-have.

However, there is a new destination for would-be beauty gurus everywhere: Avon.

Whilst you might associate the brand with the bulky catalogues of your childhood, it has undergone a major revamp and even opened its first physical store in the UK this year.

It also has plenty of designer dupes lurking on the pages of its catalogue and its website, which are only just being discovered by beauty experts.

This includes a perfume which is virtually identical to an iconic Chanel scent, Coco Mademoiselle, and it even has the same sweet citrusy notes.

For those still needing an excuse to order the dupe from their local Avon lady, it costs less than a third of the high-end perfume.

Of course, we are talking about Avon’s Little Black Dress Lace perfume.

This catalogue classic has delicate top notes of orange missed with sultry jasmine for the ultimate day-to-night scent.

Not only that, but it has been a staple of the brand for years and has been a stocking filler for many beauty addicts.  

Despite it being virtually identical to the Chanel scent, you won’t have to splash out just to get a small bottle of perfume.

Whilst Coco Mademoiselle costs an eyewatering £136 for only 100ml, the Avon perfume is just £12 for 50ml.

Avon also offer free delivery when you spend over £25, meaning you can afford to splurge on couple of other scents too.

Having browsed Avon’s website and catalogue, there are plenty of other dupes that we are currently adding to our Christmas lists.

According to Tiktok user @dontmesswiththedupes, the beauty brand also has a perfume which is incredibly similar to Marc Jacobs’s Daisy.

Much like the designer’s sought after scent, the budget friendly Eve Truth perfume is a floral perfume with notes of sandalwood and peonies.

There is another reason why the Avon dupe will leave you feeling fresh though, as it cost three times less than the high end alternative.

Priced at just £14 on Avon’s website, the perfume is an absolute steal considering that the Marc Jacobs scent is £70 on the high street.

If you weren’t already sold, it also scored full marks during Fabulous’ blind sniff test with our beauty expert struggling to tell the perfumes apart!

Whilst you might have consigned the Avon catalogue to the past, it’s well worth you having a flick through next time it arrives on your doorstep!

You can pick up this designer dupe for just £12 per bottle


You can pick up this designer dupe for just £12 per bottleCredit: Avon
The purse-friendly perfume is going viral on social media


The purse-friendly perfume is going viral on social mediaCredit: Avon

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