Local perfume company shows what your zodiac sign “represcents”

Do you ever wonder what your zodiac sign smells like? You have a scent whether you’re a Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, or any other sign. A local woman has turned this idea into a growing perfume business, and she has a scientific approach to show you what your sign *represcents.

It’s hard for Kristi Moe to bottle up her excitement about a good fragrance.

I have always loved perfume my entire life,” Moe said.

Which led to her own business, that runs like a well-nicely-scented-oiled machine. Moe owns and runs Zodica Perfumery from a Madison warehouse. She and her team mix scents, package them, and she even goes live online to sell her products. It’s kind of like her QVC. She doesn’t have her own shop anymore, but Zodica is in 600 stores nationwide. Pretty good for a business that started out as a headache…literally.

“I had a difficult experience with finding a perfume that wouldn’t give me a migraine or headache,” Moe said.

That’s why she created Zodica Perfumery in 2016. It features a line of organic fragrances she says doesn’t make her sick. There’s also a twist: each scent is designed for a Zodiac sign.

Brady: “What’s your scent?”

Carrie Astin (customer): “Taurus.”

Brady: “What do you like about it?”

Carrie: “You know…I don’t know the science behind it. I just really like it!”

If you think Moe uses a crystal ball or consults the bones to make her perfume, think again. It turns out it takes quite a bit of science to harness the cosmic energy of astrology.

“It’s all based on that data and scientific studies I did. They’re not random scents. It’s not me saying a Taurus should smell like this and a Libra should smell like this,” Moe said.

Moe spent three years studying the science behind smell and why we like what we like. Through her research and blind scent studies with people, she noticed their scent preferences lined up with the time of year they were born. Aka, their zodiac sign.

“They just had to rank them in order of preference and tell me when they were born. When I got the data back, I could actually see patterns were happening. Libras were liking a certain kind of scent profile that was different than a Scorpio. And, I’m like, ‘I’m on to something here,'” Moe said.

“She knows so much about it,” Astin said.

Astin says she was skeptical at first, but has changed her mind.

Brady: “She’s kind of your scent guru.”

Astin: “She is my scent guru!”

As for the future, Moe doesn’t need to consult her horoscope. She has big plans that include going international. For now, she’s enjoying the sweet smell of success; headache free.

We’re a perfume company, but we’re really in the business of creating connection. I’m very passionate about having people connect. Not only with themselves, to each other, but also to something greater. To something that’s in the universe that’s indescribable. That’s unknown,” Moe said.

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