Luxury French perfume, Maison Origine, selects Dubai as destination for global launch

  • The fragrance range can be found in Scentitude and other luxury retailers across the UAE & KSA

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: In a testament to Dubai’s burgeoning reputation as a global nexus of luxury and innovation, Maison Origine, has chosen Dubai for its highly anticipated global launch through BinSulaiman Group – OBS. Recognising Dubai’s unique blend of rich cultural heritage and ultramodern cosmopolitan flair, Maison Origine believes the city embodies the essence of its new fragrance. Home to the world’s most opulent architecture, exotic bazaars, and a populace with discerning tastes, Dubai stands as an emblem of elegance, making it the ideal backdrop for introducing Maison Origine’s olfactory masterpieces to the world.

Born in the city of love, Paris, and firmly rooted in its French heritage of perfumery, Maison Origine seeks to capture love’s capricious nature that everyone in the world yearns to experience. Tender, fiery, and sensational, Maison Origine embodies the mystery of love in each fragrance. Ranging from classic to contemporary, every scent tells a story and pays homage to the magnificence of the past and the grandeur of the present.

In a strategic move to amplify its presence across global markets, Maison Origine has partnered with BinSulaiman Group – OBS, recently awarded the fastest growing company of the year 2023, as its exclusive global distribution partner. This decision stems from BinSulaiman Group – OBS’s unparalleled expertise in navigating diverse markets, its robust distribution networks, and its history of successfully launching global luxury and artisanal fragrance brands to a diverse range of consumer audiences. What sets BinSulaiman Group – OBS apart, is not only its expansive reach, but also its meticulous attention to preserving brand integrity. Their unique ability to tailor marketing strategies for different cultures, combined with their proficiency in supply chain optimization, has solidified their reputation as a distributor par excellence. For Maison Origine, this partnership marks the beginning of a symbiotic relationship poised to elevate its global standing and cater to the discerning needs of luxury consumers worldwide.

“BinSulaiman Group – OBS is committed to nurturing the development of luxury, artistic and contemporary brands through selected distribution channels such as Scentitude. It gives us great pride to be chosen as the exclusive Global distributor for Maison Origine. Maison Origine’s is now available in all of our Scentitude boutiques and our online store ahead of its official launch with other luxury retailers in the region.” explained Abdulla Darwish, Group Chief Executive Officer, BinSulaiman Group – OBS.

Maison Origine’s representative expresses delight in the partnership as they comment, “It gives us great pleasure to choose Dubai as the destination city for the global launch of Maison Origine with BinSulaiman Group – OBS. We chose this city because it has become a center for luxury, and we wanted to share our fragrances with the people here who share our joie de vivre. We invite everyone to discover our new collection and start an olfactory journey full of powerful yet delicate scents that make up the collection.”

Maison Origine invites fragrance connoisseurs  on a luxurious sensory journey, each masterful blend is an ode to different facets of love and transports you to the diverse and luminous Arrondissements of Paris. The Maison Origine range is available in the UAE at all Scentitude Stores and online at

About Maison Origine

Maison Origine, an artisanal and luxury fragrance house created and developed in Paris, owes its existence to a symbol of true love. Our creator, sitting on the balcony of a Parisian hotel with his beloved, wanted to express his exceptional love which transcended above the words. This inspired him to express the very origin of love as subliminal message in a perfect luxury fragrance journey.

With the diversity of emotions and love from across the world, caught in a perfume bottle as a piece of art with many facets each with its emotions and locations to be transmitted from generations to generations. Maison Origine is an anthem to the beauty of the very creation and its representations and evolutions be they social, artistic, linguistic or cultural. Staying mysterious, the creator nurtured this freedom of expression to allow us to embark on our own journeys to find the message of love through each fragrance.

The nature of each and every olfactive material from its origins across the world marks the beginning of a journey and when introduced to each other, their myths and mystique blend and ends as a new harmonious whole. This experiential creativity created a range of endearing fragrances that embody the various bouquets of love we all long to experience. With a blend of contemporary and classic styles inspired by each fragrance as a love story waiting to be written.

About BinSulaiman Group – OBS

BinSulaiman Group – OBS Group is a, diversified group based in Dubai, UAE, with operations in the Middle East and Emerging Markets, was recently awarded the Fastest Growing Company of the year 2023. It is committed to creating sustainable value for shareholders tempered by corporate responsibility and consideration for environmental protection. At BinSulaiman Group – OBS, we believe in creating ideas with a long-term perspective that comes from building a business for future generations and ideas that create downstream opportunities in our markets.

OBS Lifestyle is part of the BinSulaiman Group – OBS which continues to be a leading UAE family-owned business dedicated to the nurturing and development of uniquely high quality and contemporary brands through selected distribution channels.

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