MFK Fragrance Wardobe for Her: First Impressions from a Chanel Snob

I’m a self-proclaimed Chanel snob. I love the aldehydes, I love how the perfumes make me feel, and they work great for my body chemistry. I haven’t ever had much of a need to venture away from Chanel, but have been really curious about MFK and wanted to compare the scents and quality since it’s a similar price point and both are French perfumers.

My approach to my collection is also pretty minimalistic. I own 4 full size bottles currently and each has a purpose and completely different profile. They are: Gabrielle Essence, Coco, Coco Noir, and Coromandel. Chanel does warm heavy fragrances well, so if anything I feel I would be looking for something to fill a fresh void and be easier for summertime wear.

I recently ordered the Fragrance Wardrobe for Her, which is 8 – 10ml samples, enough to really get to know the fragrances. Here are my first impressions after making my way through a couple wears!

Petit Matin: This has tons of lemon to the point it feels unbalanced to me. It’s pretty sharp and my fiancé made the comment that it “smells like Pledge” which I don’t really disagree with. I’ll be interested to see how I feel as I get to the end of the vial or as the seasons change — but my first impressions are that this scent definitely isn’t worth the price point.

Grand Soir: This thing is a BEAST. I wore one spray on my chest to an outdoor event, in the cold, with layers and a heavy coat on and could STILL smell it. Keep this shit away from the office or any intimate settings where you could offend people. That being said, it’s absolutely gorgeous and smooth and creamy. I appreciate that it’s linear and doesn’t change much throughout the wear. Probably the best vanilla/amber fragrance I’ve smelled. The use cases for it are certainly limited to more formal events and cold weather, so I would struggle to justify a bottle — but I feel as though 10ML will last forever, so a bottle isn’t necessary.

Baccarat Rouge 540: I’m confused? Agree with people who say it’s a scent you can’t really describe. It’s all over the board by the second it seems like. One moment it’s really sweet with cotton candy at a carnival vibes and then the next it smells extremely synthetic and like shoe polish. I keep huffing it to try to decide how I feel, and haven’t been able to yet. Ultimately I think the synthetic feeling is going to put me off in the end of considering a future purchase, but is an interesting scent worthy of conversation.

Gentle Fluidity Gold: I really enjoy the opening on this. It’s warm and cozy and the vanilla note is really nice. It fades pretty quick and after an hour or two I struggle to smell it. Also not as much of a fan of the dry down, but the opening is what will keep me coming back. For me personally, I will stick with my Chanel here as I think Coco and Coromandel do the same job this perfume does, but better and with more projection and longevity. I can still appreciate the scent though, and see why people love it.

Gentle Fluidity Silver: This is a LOVE for me. One area I think Chanel struggles is in really fresh fragrances. They have a fresh line, Les Eaux, but they are all EDT and I don’t love them. GFS has tones of piney juniper berry and is really a unique scent to me. Plus it has really good longevity. This is worth the price to me, and fills a gap I currently have in my collection. My only other light scent right now is Gabrielle Essence which is way more floral and I love how herbal GFS is. It reminds me slightly of Platinum Egoiste but more feminine. I probably at this point would lean toward getting this as a full bottle.

724: I’m obsessed with this but will never purchase it again. It’s clean linen, and straight up laundry detergent. If you went outside and huffed the hot air that comes out of your house when the dryer runs, this is exactly that. Well blended and super clean smelling. It’s not my vibe, but if clean soapy scents are for you then you’ll love this. Even though I wouldn’t buy it, I love it because I have always loved the smell of laundry.

A La Rose: No. Thank u, next. I don’t care for rose notes so that’s a me thing. This smells like the artificially scented roses at Jo Ann Fabric or Hobby Lobby to me. I won’t wear this out of the house, but will eventually work my way through it as a bedtime scent or something. Maybe a room spray. Who knows. I can see how if you like rose this would be a nice blend, though.

Amyris Femme: I need to get to know this one a bit more. It seems like it has a lot of potential, but also runs the risk of being plain and forgettable. Likely makes a nice office scent. Will update after I wear it a couple more times.

Overall, I’m super glad I bought this set and am taking time to get to know the fragrances. The musk DNA is a change from the classic Chanel aldehydes for me, and likely leads to me feeling as though the MFK perfumes smell more synthetic. Overall, I will likely end up sticking with Chanel but I am heavily considering a full bottle purchase of Gentle Fluidity Silver. I feel this is a standout fragrance that has a wide range of uses and fills a void that Chanel could do better with.

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