Modern chypres – let me know your thoughts and picks

Perhaps a controversial one for chypre lovers, apologies in advance.

For years I’ve been trying out all types of fragrances, mainly men’s and unisex but some women’s too. I’m still to come across a really good chypre that I could wear in today’s world. To my nose, they all just smell old – like what perfume used to be in the first half of the 20th century. In the time since, we seem to have moved on from this genre as I find that new ones are rarely released, particularly not by designer brands. I’ve just sold my bottle of ELDO Rien (was a gift I received many years ago) meaning I’ve now got no chypres left in my ~30 bottle collection.

So are there any modern chypres out there that I’ve just completely overlooked? What are the ones you wear which feel modern and wearable to you?

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