My collection (44m) — Would appreciate your views on what to try next

Hi all! Trying to keep my collection under control, but still looking for a few scents and would appreciate your views about what to try that would be interesting along the lines of what I have / gaps to fill…

Office (lawyer/university)
– FM Vetiver Extraordinaire
– Creed Aventus
– Penhaligon’s Sartorial

– Penhaligon’s Blazing Mr Sam
– TF Oud Minerale
– I’ve been testing/looking for something a bit stronger; leaning towards PdM Carlisle/Haltane or TF Tobacco Oud/Ombré Leather more than amber/vanilla (eg MFK Grand Soir)

Summer/spring lazy day (newspaper and coffee vibe)
– MFK Masculin Pluriel
– AdP Colonia C.L.U.B.

Fall/winter lazy day
– I’ve been testing a bunch for this; leaning towards something like FM Geranium for Monsieur or even FM French Lover (might even substitute Vetiver Extraordinaire?)

Finally, I’m looking for something easy to use all-year/all-circumstances (currently I’m using Aventus as a “default”), and I was thinking a “lighter” along the lines of MFK Amyris Homme EDT (I love MFK for this “profile”, with stuff such as Masculin Pluriel or Gentle Fluidity Silver) and an “oud” such as Thameen Carved Oud.

Any ideas about other scents along these lines would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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