My collection so far (23M)

Photos [here]( My collection started when I was 16 and I got pressured into buying Azzaro Wanted for $90! Oh well I still love it, learned a lot since then. For a while I was happy with just rotating Wanted, YSL LNDH, Cremo Bourbon and Oak, Polo 2, and Tommy Bahama.

It wasn’t until 2 years later that I fell down the wormhole of fragrances and started appreciating a nice collection. I definitely tend to go for sweeter scents but I want to start getting more spicy/leather/oud scents for balance.

In college I wouldn’t really wear fragrances to class but at the bars or parties I would rotate YSL LNDH, Invictus Victory, and Azzaro Wanted.

Lately, I’ve been trying to build an office rotation since I am 6 months into corporate America. So in the office I rotate ADG Profondo, Burberry Hero, John Varvatos XX Artisan Teal, and Armaf Sillage. Sometimes I get away with a few sprays of Wanted but it can be pretty strong. In the colder months I’ve been loving Armani Code for work.

Not sure what the consensus is on Arabic fragrances or Zara fragrance but I have found gems from both that you will see below!

Here is my lineup left to right in the photos:

Photo 1-
Parfums de Marley Pegasus:
My latest pickup and my first niche! I have been chasing for so long. I got it for myself as a self birthday gift and am so happy with it! I’ve never smelled such a good almond scent. It’s definitely about to become my signature. Feel like not a lot of people talk about it and prefer Layton/Herod.

YSL La Nuit de l’Homme:
A batch from my 16th birthday in 2016 and probably my second favorite of all time after Pegasus. Definitely a bit mature for the time. Not sure what happened as of late but it doesn’t project the same anymore.. huge bummer but still love it.

Invictus Victory:
Got this for a birthday last year, super strong vanilla. Used to rock this a lot on college nights out but now I mainly use it for date nights. Top 5 for sure.

Armani Code Parfum:
Needed a clean work fragrance for winter. Loved how it smelled on others so I had to have it. Lasts super long but I understand why people aren’t to fond of it. Personally I love the super powdery smell.

Acqua do Gio Profondo:
I needed a work fragrance when I started my first corporate job this year and I thought this would be the perfect staple. Amazing performance, never fails.

Photo 2-
Azarro Wanted:
Imo super underrated. The parfum is great but I love wearing this in the summer. Great party scent and an attention grabber.

Cremo Bourbon and Oak:
Cremo is a great bang for your buck. One of my older fragrances from high school but still a good one! Performance isn’t the best though.

John Varvatos XX Artisan Teal:
Honestly I only got this because I wanted to take advantage of the Father’s Day package deals at Macy’s. I got a sick weekender bag with it which I use quite often for like $90. This was before I found out about the discounter sites. Plenty of compliments on both the fragrance and the bag! So clean and fresh, slightly woody.

Polo Big Pony 2:
One of my ogs, cool uncle gave it to me. A bit dated now but I love the chocolatey smell. Nostalgic.

Tommy Bahama for Him:
Tropical and clean, I love this stuff but don’t wear a lot anymore. Got the package with the aftershave too which is awesome. Good for smelling like a douchebag on his dad’s boat.

Photo 3-
Burberry Hero:
A gift from last year. I didn’t like this at first but it’s a staple work fragrance for me. Definitely more of a rugged outdoor scent though.

Armaf Sillage:
I really liked Creed Silver Mountain Water but the performance sucks. Blind bought this as an alternative. Green/tea like opening but dry down is amazing. Never smelled anything like it. Wear it to work a lot.

Rasasi Hawas:
I bought into the hype because I remember smelling og Invictus years ago. Awesome scent but can be a bit offensive. Plum and cinnamon for a summer scent is a good surprise. Good for nightlife or daytime.

Afnan 9PM:
My dad has JPG Ultra Male which made me want it but I decided to give this a try since it supposedly is better. 100% agree, sorry. Lasted on my clothes for a week. So addictive.

Encore Noire:
The reviews for this made me curious. Super polarizing but it’s great. Subtle mossy scent, on the dry down I don’t see how you can dislike it, very inoffensive.

Zara Elegant Opulance:
I don’t care what people say about Zara frags, sometimes they make gems. The performance on this is ridiculous and I honestly have never smelled something like it. I wish I could get a backup. Fresh and sweet but also warm at the same time. Unironically my top 5 fragrance. So many compliments, delicious patchouli

Zara Blooming Oud:
Mainly got this to balance out my sweetish collection. Unique take on oud, can be a harsh opening but I love it. Mature smell that you can get away with cold months and summer nights.

Zara Tobacco:
Boozy and super sweet but in the best way. Doesn’t project well long term but stays on clothes for days. Need to wear this more.

And here are my top 5, let me know if you agree!
1. PDM Pegasus
2. YSL La Nuit de l’Homme
3. Invictus Victory
4. Afnan 9PM
5. Zara Elegant Opulance

In the future I am definitely eyeing Ombré Leather from the women’s Sephora sample gift pack haha. I used to want Ombré Nomad by LV but that’s super expensive. Also wanting PDM Layton Exclusif, Haltane, and Xerjoff Ivory Route. Let me know what I’m missing! Definitely interested in exploring some more lesser known niche houses and explore less sweet scents.

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