need help finding fragrance from usvi

last summer, i stayed at a resort in the u.s virgin islands. the property was large, so golf carts drove around to pick up guests and take them to the pool or bar and what not. there were only a handful of drivers, but it was usually the same dude driving me around all day. when i first got in his cart, i quickly noticed an intoxicating sweet smell. i thought it was a special flower or fruit or something, but it was gone pretty quickly after i distanced myself from the cart. sometimes i randomly noticed it while walking around, but it became clear that the source was my cart driver. to be honest, i think it was the most heavenly thing ive ever smelled. thats not an exaggeration. im not much of a fragrance head, so its difficult to describe, but there were clear notes of vanilla, tonka bean and coconut. it was sweet, but not like sugar. it didn’t smell feminine, nor masculine. it smelled like relaxing on a hammock on an isolated tropical beach, sipping mai tai’s while basking in the summer sun. either this dude was emptying an entire bottle of the stuff on himself every hour, or this fragrance is eternal, because i could always smell it, no matter morning or night. it was also super strong, but there was no chemically or alcohol or head ache inducing undertones. just smooth and creamy. i asked him what he wore and he replied with a heavy accent, “uhhhh… i think its called… intensely? ill bring you a sample soon” of course, he never brought me a sample, and i never saw him again. ive gone to countless fragrance stores, sprayed everything i could find, and asked all the perfume counter clerks ive come across. no avail. please help. finding this smell is my new life goal. (i have no confidence that its called intensely or intensity, so do with that what you will) HELP!!

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