New Born in Roma flankers coming out in 2024! “Green Stravaganza”

*The new duo is an ode to the lush and vibrant gardens of Rome that are painted in rich shades of green, where the delicate vibrancy of roses meets the opulence and captivating intensity of woods.*

**Born in Roma Donna Green Stravaganza Notes:**

* Top note: Lapsang souchong accord

* Middle note: Jasmine absolute

* Base note: Vanilla extract

* The feminine offering sets off with Lapsang souchong, a sweet, refreshing, yet smoky accord that adds a crisp vibe upon the initial blast, soon followed by a delicate heart of jasmine absolute for a long-lasting floral complexity that elevates the blend. It thickens even further to unfold the creamy base of vanilla extracts that adds intensity and depth to the whole blend.

**Born in Roma Uomo Green Stravaganza Notes:**

* Top note: Bergamot

* Middle note: Coffee

* Base notes: Star anise and Vetiver

* The male counterpart opens with a burst of tangy, citrusy notes using bergamot for an energizing effect. Against this resounding intensity, coffee begins echoing to lend a robust, dark yet sophisticated facet to the composition. The blend rests on a bedding of a combination of spices and woods using the soft nuances of star anise and vetiver that accentuates the male energy even further.

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