Ordering samples from scent split

Hello everyone! I would like to hear people’s experiences in using Scent Split for **international orders**, preferably from folks based **outside of Northern America**. I have no experience in purchasing perfume from abroad, so I would truly appreciate help and kindness here.

I live in Japan. I decided on Scent Split because they carry hard-to-find fragrances. I plan to order some $100-150 worth of fragrances (shipping included) from them. It’s a lot of money for me, so I wanna be sure that I have covered everything.

Do I have to worry about my packages being rejected by the shipping company responsible to deliver my order to my address once they reach Japan?

Do I have to worry about customs?

Do I miss anything that I need to worry about in ‘do I need to worry’? 🤭

Thanks so much, have a good day and hope you all can find some wonderful scents this week!

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