Phlur Mood Ring Perfume Review With Photos

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ariel Baker Renee Rodriguez Jessica Harrington Kelsey Castañon
There’s nothing like a new fragrance to add a bit of “something extra” to your day. A few spritzes before walking out the door can make a rushed morning routine feel a bit less hectic, or a little black dress for date night feel extra sexy. It’s not often spotlighted how much of an impact fragrance can have on your mood, but it has long been said that certain notes can cause visceral reactions; lavender can make you feel relaxed, zesty citrus notes can leave you energised, and so on.

One brand that has seemed to master this feat is Phlur. Known for it’s TikTok-viral perfume, Missing Person (£96), which promises to smell like a loved one you miss the most, this fragrance house seems to make scents that expertly play on our emotions and convey a story. That’s why, when the brand announced its latest offering called Mood Ring (£96), we decided to put it to the test.

A fruity floral scent, Phlur describes it as a “vibrant, mood-enhancing fragrance that transports you to a technicolor daydream.” After testing it over the course of a week, four POPSUGAR editors are sharing whether the elixir played shapeshifter with our moods on any given day. Keep reading for our differing experiences with Phlur’s latest launch.

Mood: Playful

I am a big fragrance lover, so I know all too well the power that a good perfume can have on my mood. On the first spray, I immediately fell in love with this concoction. It perfectly toys the line between being sweet — almost to the point of candy-like — and musky. I always perk up when I smell a perfume that has the potential to become a favourite so at first, Mood Ring made me happy. Then, I kept getting compliments left and right from men and women, which made me feel almost magnetic. As a result, I think this perfume would be great for a first date or a fun night out with a romantic partner. If the scent doesn’t leave an impression on them, the number of people stopping to compliment you will.” — Ariel Baker, assistant beauty editor


Mood: Energised

“I’m not a big fragrance person — I wear it every day, but I typically stick to the same two scents and rarely branch out. That said, a mood-changing perfume certainly piqued my interest. Before getting ready for the day, I was feeling a little bit flustered with my seemingly never-ending to-do list before the holidays. After finishing my makeup, getting dressed, and spraying on Phlur’s Mood Ring Perfume, I felt a bit more energised. It’s likely thanks to the bright notes of orange zest, dragon fruit, and marigold.” — Jessica Harrington, senior beauty editor


Mood: Stressed

“When I spritzed this fragrance for the first time, it immediately reminded me of a Paris Hilton perfume I was obsessed with when I was 18. I wore it all of the time and thought the scent was great, but a boy I had a big crush on at summer camp did tell me it made me smell like a ‘baby hooker.’ I’m not exactly sure what his experience was with sex workers at that age, but, needless to say, I dumped him and kept the perfume.

In terms of my mood, when I first tested this I was stressed. I was still stressed after I sprayed it all over my body, but at least I smelled good. The packaging is chic and it’ll look cute AF on my dresser. I don’t think it was a mood-changer for me, but it did perk my nose up.” — Renee Rodriguez, staff writer and social producer


Mood: Nostalgic

“Full transparency: I typically like my fragrance dark and brooding like my soul, so a fruity-floral blend isn’t usually my vibe. That said, there was something so inherently fun and nostalgic about this scent that I kept coming back to it every time I needed a pick-me-up. One spritz and I’m instantly transported to the Great Mall of America, where I’m cackling with my Hollister-clad friends about skipping class to sip Smoothie King through my pink braces without a care in the world. It’s an escape from reality, to be sure, and unlikely to be my everyday scent, but everyone deserves a brain break every now and again.” — Kelsey Castañon, senior content director


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ariel Baker Renee Rodriguez Jessica Harrington Kelsey Castañon

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