Savia Perfume debuts at Beautyworld Middle East 2023

The event served as a perfect platform for an exclusive preview of its niche brand, Rumi, and premium brand, Auraa Desire, offering attendees a first glimpse into the essence and artistry of these exceptional fragrances.

Inspired by the profound wisdom of the great poet Rumi, the Rumi collection beckons individuals to embark on a regal adventure that celebrates the essence of self-love, while the Auraa Desire collection is the epitome of elegance, ideal for those who desire to make a grand statement.

Crafted for ambitious dreamers, Nylaa encompasses modern French and classic oriental perfumes along with body perfume spray. At the beauty trade show, Savia also launched the premium collection by Nylaa, featuring 18 classic oriental fragrances. Each fragrance within this collection is a masterpiece, artfully infused with rare and precious ingredients sourced from countries celebrated for their unique fragrant treasures.

From the first spray to the last, Mystiq body perfume spray envelops you in an alluring mystery. The Mystiq cap has an intricate and revolutionary design that represents a crown, symbolising power and authority, and aims to bring that sense of regality to your everyday perfume routine.

For customers across the UAE, the Nylaa range is available on Amazon, Noon and 6thStreet while Mystiq is currently available on Noon. Very soon these products will be available in the GCC region on its e-commerce platform, Savia Exclusive.

On the second day of Beautyworld, Savia Perfume set the stage for a sparkling event, drawing an illustrious crowd of influencers, fragrance connoisseurs, and fashion and beauty enthusiasts. The captivating ambience, livened up with live music and a delectable spread of refreshments, provided a perfect backdrop for interactive conversations and an exploration of the stories behind each exclusive fragrance, fostering a connection between attendees and the brand.

“We are thrilled to witness the overwhelming response to our debut at Beautyworld Middle East,” said Kanika Kumar, Head of Marketing at Savia Perfume. “The event has provided us with an excellent opportunity to connect with our audience and share our passion for crafting breathtakingly beautiful fragrances. We look forward to continuing our journey towards our vision to become the symbol of luxury, elegance and exclusivity.’’

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