Struggling to find a more “grown up” feminine fragrance

So I’m having a problem finding a more mature feminine fragrance, and by that I just mean something more sophisticated than a Bath and Body Works body spray (love layering Waikiki Beach Coconut and Passionfruit Banana Flower) or my old Someday by Justin Bieber from middle school. I actually really like these scents for feminine scents, but I just feel like they’re very “teen” at this point for me. The problem is that it seems like the only stuff I like besides these are colognes. So I can wear masc scents just fine, my primary one being Tommy Bahama for him and my newest one being Dior Sauvage. I think my problem is that I can’t stand powdery notes and I tend to avoid florals. Gourmand is okay, but I’m not keen on vanilla. And I do love fruit but I think citrus as a primary note is overplayed. I think these requirements generally leave me with colognes, especially since musk and aquatic notes are my favorites.

I went out today to look for a new feminine scent and I went home empty handed and frustrated. I wanted to try something in the realm of caramels, chai, and “autumnal” scents, so I tried Prada Candy for the caramel and musk notes, but just as I predicted, the powdery note immediately threw me off and it just smelled like a granny to me. I tried Angel’s Share because I was so excited about the “boozy” scent but it was *awful* on me. I kind of like Sol de Janeiro’s stuff, but since my sister already wears it as her primary/signature, I’ve gotten a bit tired of it. So after smelling nearly everything at Sephora today, I gave up and went to Bath and Body Works hoping to find a ginger bread or pumpkin pecan waffles type spray and ended up even more disappointed to find that they don’t seem to have many body sprays this season T.T I’m hoping to try Vacation by Vacation at some point because I’m a big fan of the classic “chemical sunscreen” smell. But I am feeling very discouraged at the moment. I’d rather not be wearing Justin Bieber for life as my go-to feminine scent, even if it smells great on me.

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