TF Oud Wood questions


One of my friends has a bottle of TF Oud Wood He got it in 2021 from some shady guy. This bottle made me want to buy one for myself so I went to several stores to see if it’s the same or similar to the one he has (since I thought he may have a fake or something). Turns out the ones from the stores smell much worse and seem to be of lower quality than his.

I will try to describe my experience with his bottle. The opening is very woody, very nice and rich smelling and you smell the perfume right away, no alcohol smell at all. After about 10-20 minutes it’s still woody but it also develops a spice, sort of peppery nature combined with the woods. Also leaves some oil on the skin for quite some time and it also lasts all day. Even after showering you can still smell it, even if it’s reduced to a skin scent.
After smelling this, I had really high expectations from the original, or the non tester version or whatever it is but I was deeply disappointed. I have tried it in several different stores (even airport duty free shops) and none of them were close to my friend’s bottle. The ones from the store seem to be of lesser quality. When I spray it on, I have to wait for the alcohol to evaporate to start smelling the fragrance. The ones from the stores have a fresher nature in the beginning combined with a similar woody character to my friend’s bottle (although much less woody) and they develop into something I almost hate. I can’t really describe it though. Also performance is worse, after about 4 hours it’s completely gone, and the oilyness is much less visible than the friend’s bottle. The bottles from the stores are also more transparent.
Everybody who smelled it agrees that it smells better and seems to be of higher quality than what you can find at the stores today.

Now I was thinking that either my friend has an old bottle and TF changed the formula to something inferior somewhere in the past, or because it’s an older bottle, the alcohol evaporated from the bottle and made the perfume more concentrated (may be bs, I don’t know).

I really want something that smells like the one my friend has and I can’t find it and it drives me crazy. Maybe some of you know more about this than me, thus this post. Any help would be much appreciated.

The bottom of the bottle has the following text:

3.4 FLOZ/oZ.LIQ/100 mle

Thank you.

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