The new breed of perfumes that make you smell posh

Gone are the days for most of us being loyal to a single, favourite perfume. Even 16-year-olds on Tik Tok talk about “fragrance wardrobes” with a selection of different perfumes for different moods while John Lewis perfume sales have risen by 200 per cent over the past year.

Choosing a new perfume can be overwhelming so it’s good to establish which sort of fragrance family you like. As Thierry Wasser, master perfumer at Guerlain said to me recently, “Forget about everything. People just want to smell of something they love. And it’s an instant attraction. It takes just one second to know if you like it or not.”  Simple as that.

Nostalgia and old school glamour are always a safe bet when it comes to fragrance. Nothing new there. Polo Ralph Lauren and Chanel have built empires on bottling tweed, tartan, diamonds and pearls. But there does seem to be a whole new breed of modern perfumes inspired by the same feeling of old money and, more specifically, the ways that the aristo-set opt to spend their time and money. It’s all quite Bond Movie with a dash of Jilly Cooper in the perfume halls this winter.

“It’s absolutely no surprise that posh pastimes are the inspiration for so many perfumes at the moment,” says perfume expert Alice du Parcq. “Hobbies like polo, ballet and motor racing are sexy, dramatic and full of beautiful people who look and smell so good. Spritzing on something that evokes those events can make you feel like a movie star version of yourself. And that’s all part of the fun of fragrance.”

Whether you want to be uplifted, empowered, relaxed or energised, here’s our choice of the newest fragrances that will all make you smell more posh…

The ski set

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