Timothée Chalamet performs iconic ‘Wonka’ song on SNL

In his monologue on Saturday Night Live, Timothée Chalamet celebrated the end of the actors’ strike by delivering a rendition of the iconic Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory song ‘Pure Imagination’, with a brand new spin.

During the show, Chalamet, in a light-hearted manner, mentioned his relief from the strike-related restrictions, humorously bringing attention to his perfume commercial directed by Martin Scorsese and taking the opportunity for some self-promotion.

“When you get that call that Martin Scorsese wants to direct you,” he said, “the first think you think is, ‘Man, I really hope it’s a perfume commercial’” — Chalamet then proceeded to sing about the strike the tune of ‘Pure Imagination’.

“Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of shameless self-promotion — it’s OK, I can say…” the actor sang, before addressing the camera to plug the premiere of his upcoming film Wonka on December 15th.

Following his quips, Chalamet seamlessly transitioned back to singing, playfully mentioning Scorsese’s film Killers of the Flower Moon and his eagerly awaited sci-fi epic Dune: Part Two, where he plays the central character, Paul Atreides.

Due to the actors’ strike, Warner Bros. rescheduled the release of Dune: Part Two from November 3rd to March 15th, consequently excluding it from this year’s awards season.

The actors’ strike, which has been ongoing for months, finally reached a tentative deal recently and will look to provide more safeguards against the use of AI while better defining the changing working conditions brought about by the streaming landscape.

“We are thrilled and proud to tell you that today your TV/Theatrical Negotiating Committee voted unanimously to approve a tentative agreement with the AMPTP,” SAG-AFTRA informed its members. “As of 12:01am PT on Nov. 9, our strike is officially suspended, and all picket locations are closed. We will be in touch in the coming days with information about celebration gatherings around the country.”

Watch the full trailer for Wonka below.

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