Tips for dealing with nausea (MMM Lazy Sunday Morning)

I recently got a sample (5ml) of Lazy sunday morning and I deeply regret it. I should have only gotten the 1 ml one because it’s giving me the WORST headache imaginable. I’m so nauseous I truly dont know what to do. I smelled it on a test strip last year and it was fine and I was pretty excited for my sample. Only reason i didnt buy the full bottle was because i was scared it would give me a headache.

Well. It did. But the nausea is worse than i imagined. For some reason the pear is impossibly strong I truly want to throw up. It leans more masculine than I expected.

As for the review… This stuff is POTENT I didnt even do a whole spray on my wrist and i had to scrub that bitch off for like 5 minutes to stop smelling it. I isolated the little sample thingie (from decantX!) and threw the duct tape it came sealed with outside because I couldnt deal with the smell. The pear was way too strong and I honestly kinda picked up the aldehydes and the patchouli and musk. But It wasnt the fluffy type of musk or maybe it was idk I could only smell the pear it wasnt a good experience. I guess I’ll go back to my $15 marshalls perfume. I am new to perfume since I have a tendency for migraines but I truly didnt think it would be this bad. I guess I can mark pear down as something I don’t like (also have downtown calvin klein and while it smells nice at first the pear is all I can smell)

Thinking about it I can smell the musk of my favorite perfume in it (A character inspired perfume I bought in Japan) but it is thoroughly contaminated by the pear. How I know it’s the pear? It’s the same as downtown as stated before!

Anyway, tips to deal with buyers regret? (And nausea!)


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