Tricking my brain with fragrance that it has linked with certain feelings

I’ve noticed that over time, my brain has imprinted my best friends smell & fragrance and deeply associated it with certain feelings.

My best friend almost always wears the same eau de toilette, and my brain has firmly associated smelling it with safety, warmth, and reassurance, which I receive from my friend.

I wanted to ask, is there a way for me to use this to “trick” my brain into positivity, that everything is gonna be okay, etc.?

I’ve seen people in the past post about spraying a stuffed animal with their late loved one’s main fragrances to remind them of them, so kind of something like that.

But I want to be able to take it with me, always have it there in case I need to calm down or similar.

I’ve been considering a very very small flask, or maybe something like the vicks inhalers, but without the vicks inside and rather cotton with the fragrance sprayed onto it.

Any ideas?

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