Trying to find this very common sweet coconut scent

I’ve smelled it in public multiple times and love it – it’s smells like McCormick coconut extract but sweetened. It’s a more raw coconut scent but still very sweet and breezy. It’s not toasted, sunscreeny, floral, musky, at all. It’s light and sweet, not heavy and it’s just a beautiful soft sweet coconut scent.

I’m wondering if it’s the discontinued Sol De Janeiro coconut scent (39 Coco Cabana) but the reviews online sound like it’s more toasted and buttery, so not similar to what I’m smelling, but possible I guess.

Coco Extreme from Comptoir Sud Pacific is kind of similar, but Coco Extreme has this praline sweet nuttiness to it and is more toasted than whatever the unknown fragrance I’ve smelled is. It’s nothing from Bath & Body Works since I find their coconut scents really distinct and generally dislike it. It’s not Pacifica’s coconut, Kuumba’s coconut, Lavanila’s Coconut Vanilla, MM’s Beach Walk, or Urban Outfitter’s coconut

Whatever it is, besides the description mentioned, it seems to be accessible/very common in terms of availability, price, and I’m assuming is probably from a popular brand. It has also been around a few years at least judging from when I’ve smelled it on strangers lol.

Any ideas?

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