Victoria Beckham Admits To Using This Meghan Markle Approved Wellness Practice

We’ve pretty much learned all there is to know about Victoria Beckham this autumn/winter season. Not only from her husband David’s Netflix documentary Beckham, but the multi-hyphenate star launched her first-ever fragrance line at the end of September, each one with a personal meaning.

In case you missed it, the three unisex fragrances released by Victoria Beckham Beauty include Portofino ’97, Suite 302′ and San Ysidro Drive, each one evoking memories of a poignant time in the fashion designer’s life, and she has revealed how her ‘San Ysidro Drive’ is also reminiscent of her wellbeing journey. 

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She took to Instagram to reflect with her followers saying: “San Ysidro Drive captures when we lived in LA, I hold such fond memories of this time – I was focused on my well-being, learning to meditate, and many trips to the Crystal Farm in Malibu and practising crystal energy.” 

Not only is Malibu the of the rich and famous, but it’s also the home to crystal sound baths, classes, meditations, galleries and sanctuaries. Other A-list California residents including Meghan Markle have made clear they’re fans of spiritual healing via crystals. 

Meghan Markle maintained a low profile during the weekend when her husband, Prince Harry, attended the King’s coronation. However, she was spotted enjoying a hike in the area, displaying a cheerful demeanour as she laughed and conversed with friends Markus Anderson and Heather Dorak. Notably, Meghan seemed to be adorned with the ‘Clarity Retreat Necklace‘, a creation by Maya Brenner in collaboration with Abigail Spencer. Crafted with a hand-cut clear quartz, this crystal is recognized as the most potent energy amplifier globally and is described by the brand as “just the thing to help you see your way through any challenges.”

meghan yoga
The Duchess’ old Instagram grid boasted a collection of yoga photos, showcasing her love of LA-style wellness

Victoria’s own love of crystals is no secret. In 2018 she incorporated a series of them into her Pre-Fall collection and even included hidden pockets in her trouser designs to carry them around. “We clipped crystals onto belt loops, and included secret pockets for them on wide-leg trousers—so you can carry charms wherever you go,” She told Elle at the time.

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Victoria Beckham leaving her London store on in 2018 in the OG necklace, before it was transformed into a fragrance bottle© Neil Mockford
Victoria Beckham admitted her fondness for crystals

Last month Victoria explained that she switches up which scent she uses from her collection depending on her mood, and San Ysidro Drive was her recent choice for date night. 

In a recent TikTok video she said,  “I love how there are three to choose from, depending on who I’m with, where I’m going and what kind of mood I’m in. Tonight I am going for San Ysidro Drive. Now, what I love about this fragrance is that I do love a rose, but I can find sometimes that rose fragrances can be a bit too sweet and a bit too feminine. So what I love about San Ysidro Drive is that it is a saffron mixed with a rose, with a woody undertone, which makes it a little bit more masculine. And I love it. I really do. It’s feeling like my mood tonight.”

Her other fragrances include ‘Portofino ’97’ – evocative of the period when Victoria and David first started dating in secret in their early twenties, and ‘Suite 203’ which recalls lavish anniversary trips to Paris.

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