Went through Creed and TF phase and ranked what I have. Thoughts on these?

Tom Ford Oud Wood- Simply the goat

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Went through Creed and TF phase and ranked what I have. Thoughts on these?

Show & Tell Weekend

Tom Ford Oud Wood- Simply the goat

Creed Millesime Imperial- Like walking on the sand and letting the breeze hit you, it is a nice beach breeze in a bottle.

Creed Original Vetiver- Similar to the heat on a hot summer day, the citrus glows and then mellows out along the way.

Creed Green Irish Tweed- Brings back memories of walking in a fresh spring field, and when I was in middle school always wearing Irish Spring but now more mature.

Tom Ford Beau de Jour- Jumps out with the lavender, the rest gives me abandoned by nature vibes. Like a building that was left to let nature reclaim it and you just happened to be walking by it years later on a warm day.

Creed Aventus- Never got the hype. Fruity, sweet, common. Still solid and a great choice for a daily. No major complaints.

Creed Royal Oud- Reminiscent of an old room I’d stay in when I was young. Woody and slightly spicy yet nostalgic.

Creed Virgin Island Water- I thought I’d rather like this one a lot. Certainly hits the island resort feeling, but with a little more lime than I’d like and not enough coconut.

Tom Ford Noir de Noir- I’m still polarized against this one. I’ll wear it on valentines to mix things up, but the “chocolaty rose” smell is rather intoxicating for me and not something I could enjoy often even when it’s not sprayed on me.

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