What makes Fabuloso so appealing? Is there an umami-like factor for smell?

Can someone explain why Fabuloso is so appealing to the masses? What are the notes that make it such a crowd pleaser? Is it the detergent? Is there citrus in the original lavender?

I know this will be controversial. I’ll be the first to admit that Fabuloso’s fragrance is far from refined. But, there’s just something about it that smells SO good it’s invigorating. If I clean with it, guests will almost certainly light up and remark my place “smells so good!!!” I don’t believe it’s nostalgia, my family was loyal to Pine Sol. I love lavender, but real lavender doesn’t give me that same feeling.

It’s like how I absolutely love a meal curated by a skilled chef, but with unlimited funds you would still see me rolling through a drive thru line or calling for Chinese takeout. With food, I know it’s usually MSG or a strong umami factor. Is there a fragrance additive that serves a similar purpose that MSG does in food? I know umami is a taste, but is there something comparable with our smell?

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