What to wear: Spicebomb Extreme vs Red Tobacco

So I was invited to a Halloween party for which a friend of mine rented a bar. Everyone‘s gonna be dressed and in costume and I am a person who likes to plan everything in advance. The costume stands (Victorian style vampire) but not the fragrance I‘m gonna be wearing.

Normally in those kinds of environments during this time of year I wear Spicebomb Extreme. However I recently got Mancera‘s Red Tobacco in which I absolutely adore and I feel could be really fitting. But it seems like it could be an acquired taste which is not as easy going and mass appealing as SBE – especially in a place like a bar. But on the other hand the setting feels different compared to “usual” nights out. Maybe I am overthinking it (I most certainly am with all the planning stuff).

So I am asking the internet collective intelligence: Spicebomb Extreme or Red Tobacco?

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