What’s this woody aromachemical I smell everywhere

There is a particular note I smell in so many fragrances. It smells distinctly the same across numerous frags so my hunch is that it is caused by a particular aroma chemical. Unfortunately, I hate the note. It wrecks a fragrance for me and makes it smell gross to my nose.

Characteristics of this note / chemical:
– Dry, “thin,” synthetic woody smell. Dry in both senses: it is not sweet at all, but also has a kind of intensely dry sensation to the nose. It smells synthetic, and this dry sensation is not something I have encountered in nature. It does not have “depth” but rather seems thin or like a light veneer. Hard to describe but doing my best here lol.
– I don’t ever notice it in the sillage or scent trail – I only smell it when my nose is up to the skin. I tend to smell it “under” or “after” the other notes. This makes me think it is not a very volatile aroma chemical.
– once detected in a frag, I don’t smell it every single time I sniff for it, but it’s often present.

Frags I smell it in:
– TF Ombré Leather Parfum.
– Guerlain Epices Exquises
– Encre Noire a L’Extreme (interestingly I don’t detect it in original Encre Noire)
– Aesop Hwyl
– Laboratorio Olfattivo Nerotic (technically I smell something similar but not 100% the same as in the others. It doesn’t totally turn me off here for some reason)

Based on characteristics I am suspecting the issue here is iso e super. Dry woody synthetic. Famous for making people anosmic which may explain why I only smell it some times in a frag.
However I know that EN and TDH contain lots of it and I don’t smell it there. Idk if these contain so much of it that I go blind to it, or if my not smelling this chemical in these frags proves my suspicion wrong.
Also I’ve never been able to smell molecule 1 to confirm.


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