Where to store colognes (HELP)

Where to store colognes

Hey all, just had a question about where to store colognes. I’m a bit new to colognes, so any advice (even if they don’t relate to the question I’m asking) is welcome.

As of now, I keep all my colognes in my closet, in a dark and not humid place. It has proven to be a good place to store my colognes.

But I’ve been thinking about changing the position. I want to display my collection, so I want to put them out in the open. The spot I want to keep them in is not exposed to direct sunlight, but a tiny bit of indirect sunlight does shine on it in the bright light hours (But I can close the curtains). And when I turn the light on in my room at night, it does get artificial light pretty brightly.

Can I get some opinions on whether I should make the switch or not?

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