Zara is at it again

I don’t think these were posted about yet, but just saw that Zara came out with a new series after just releasing a set of 4 Christmas ones a few weeks ago.

~~No notes posted for these yet. Can we guess what’s in what?~~ Do you think they’ll be originals or dupes?

* balade de figuier: lavender, grapefruit, fig milk, white musk
* parfait d’orchidee: incense, jasmine petals, iris, vanilla, white musk
* petale d’ambre: bergamot, lavender, nutmeg, lily of the valley, ambergris
* brulante violette: pink pepper, freesia, muguet, violet flower, sandalwood
* romance d’iris: bergamot, iris, heliotrope, vetiver

these are 100ml retailing for $65.90 CAD

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