Zoologist Seahorse

Impression: Crystal blue water washes over my ankles as I dig my feet further into warm, wet, white sand. A soft salty breeze teases my half dry hair, and the sun is warm on my face.

Review: The opening honestly smells like my face wash from college, some gimmick blue neutrogena cleanser that was supposed to have oxygen in it. I always loved the smell of it. The sweetness and soapy quality lingers a little in the dry down, but it gets salty and sunny. It’s warm, but warm like sunshine, not like spices. It has great longevity too.

Seahorse lists fewer notes than a lot of zoologist fragrances, and they seem a little contradictory on the card, but they are so well blended I struggle to pick any out even though they are recognizable and strong scents like fennel and cardamom and tuberose. They reach this perfect harmony to create a new smell like instruments create a song.

This is a joyful fragrance, and zoologists marine scent distinction amazes me again. Seahorse is not Squid, is not Dragonfly is not Snowy Owl, all marine scents in totally different environments.

This is in the running to be my summer perfume.

I would wear this to see an old friend on the first day of patio season.

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